Conditions d'utilisation

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the offer agreement, which describes the procedure and conditions for the purchase of Goods in the online store.
REQUISITES BIN 841028050146

Account number - KZ45601A861013539611

Bank: Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC Almaty

Beneficiary - IP Galiullina.

Almaty, Zheltoksan street 77/73

The Buyer is an individual who places Orders on the site or is indicated as the recipient of the Goods, or uses the Goods solely for personal, family, household and other needs not related to business activities.
The seller is IP "Galiullina". Online store - an Internet site owned by the Seller, where the goods offered by the Seller to its Buyers for placing Orders are presented, as well as the terms of payment and delivery of these Orders to Buyers. Website -
Goods - an object of the material world, not withdrawn from civil circulation and presented for sale on the Site.
Order - a duly executed request of the Buyer for delivery to the specified address of the list of Goods selected on the Site.
Delivery Service - a third party that provides services for the delivery of Orders to Buyers under an agreement with the Seller.GENERAL PROVISIONS

By ordering goods through the online store, the Buyer agrees to the Terms of Sale of Goods (hereinafter referred to as the Terms) set forth below.
These Conditions, as well as information about the Goods presented on the Site, are a public offer in accordance with Article 395 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and if the conditions set forth below are accepted, the individual accepting this offer shall pay for the Seller's Goods in accordance with the terms of this Agreement . In accordance with paragraph 3 of Article 396 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, payment for the Goods by the Buyer is an acceptance of the offer, which is considered equivalent to the conclusion of the Agreement on the conditions set forth in the offer.
The relations between the Buyer and the Seller are subject to the provisions of the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan (including the provision on retail sale and purchase, the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated May 4, 2010 No. 274-IV "On Protection of Consumer Rights"), other regulatory legal acts the current Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other legal acts adopted in accordance with them.
The Seller reserves the right to make changes to these Terms, in connection with which, the Buyer undertakes to regularly monitor changes in the Terms posted in the "Public Offer Agreement" section.
The Buyer agrees to the Terms by clicking the "Place an order" button at the last stage of placing an Order on the Site.REGISTRATION ON THE SITE

To place an Order, the Buyer is recommended to register on the Site.
The Seller is not responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the information provided by the Buyer during registration.
The Buyer undertakes not to disclose to third parties the login and password specified during registration. If the Buyer has suspicions about the security of his login and password or the possibility of their unauthorized use by third parties, the Buyer undertakes to immediately notify the Seller about this by sending an e-mail to the Customer Service at


The Buyer's order can be placed in the following ways: accepted by phone or placed by the Buyer independently on the Site.
When placing an Order, the Buyer must indicate the following information: the Buyer or the Recipient of the Order; delivery address of the Order; contact email; contact number; delivery method; payment method.
The period in which the Seller undertakes to fulfill the Order is from one working day, as well as the deadline for the execution of the Order in exceptional cases can be agreed with the Buyer individually, depending on the characteristics and quantity of the ordered Goods. The term of execution of the Order depends on the availability of the ordered items of the Goods in the Seller's warehouse and the time required to process the Order.
In the absence of the ordered Goods in the Seller's warehouse, including for reasons beyond the control of the Seller, the Seller has the right to cancel the specified Goods from the Buyer's Order and notify the Buyer about this by sending an email to the address specified during registration, an SMS message to the contact number phone or phone call. The notification method is chosen by the Seller. The Seller also undertakes to notify the Buyer about the change in the completeness of his Order.
In the event of cancellation of a fully or partially prepaid Order, the cost of the canceled Goods, at the request of the Buyer, is returned by the Seller to the Buyer in the manner in which the Goods wereoriginally prepaid. When paying for the Goods using the cash on delivery of the courier service, the refund is made to the Buyer's bank cards or settlement account in any bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The territory of delivery includes Kazakhstan and all other countries of the world served by the Delivery Service.
The Seller will make every effort to comply with the delivery times indicated on the Site, however, delays in delivery are possible due to unforeseen circumstances that occurred through no fault of the Seller.
The risk of accidental loss or accidental damage to the Goods passes to the Buyer from the moment the Order is transferred to him and the recipient of the Order affixes a signature in the documents confirming the delivery of the Order. In case of non-delivery of the Order, the Seller shall reimburse the Buyer for the cost of the Order prepaid by the Buyer and delivery after receiving confirmation of the loss of the Order from the Delivery Service.
The cost of delivery depends on the weight, dimensions of the parcel and the region of delivery.
Upon delivery, the Order is handed over to the Buyer or the person indicated as the Recipient of the Order. If it is impossible to receive an Order placed for cash by the above persons, the Order is handed over to a person who is ready to provide information about the order (consignment number and / or full name of the Recipient), as well as pay the cost of the Order in full to the person delivering the Order.
In order to avoid cases of fraud, as well as to fulfill the obligations assumed in clause 4.5., when handing over a prepaid Order, the person delivering the Order has the right to request an identity document of the Recipient, as well as indicate the type and number the document provided by the Recipient on the receipt for the Order. The Seller guarantees the confidentiality and protection of the Recipient's personal information.
In case of refusal to purchase at the time of actual receipt of the Order, or refusal to purchase after the Order has been transferred to the delivery service, the Buyer is obliged to pay the cost of delivery (based on paragraph 3 of article 450 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, paragraph 5 of article 25 of the Law RK "On the regulation of trading activities").
When paying for the Goods by cash on delivery by a courier service or a bank card, the Goods are issued to the Buyer only if the Buyer confirms his identity by providing an identity document. If the goods are purchased in favor of a third party and/or if the recipient of the goods is a third party, the Buyer is obliged to notify the Seller in advance and indicate the full name of the recipient of the goods. The goods are issued to the recipient only if an identity document is provided.
The price of the Goods is indicated on the Site.
The price of the Goods may be changed by the Seller unilaterally.
The Seller has the right to provide the Buyer with discounts on the Goods and establish a bonus program. Types of discounts,procedure and conditions can be changed by the Seller unilaterally.
The Seller has the right to establish discounts in order to promote one or another method of payment or delivery of the Goods. In this case, the Seller may limit the terms of the discounts.
When purchasing Gift Certificates, the cost of such Gift Certificate is not added to the cost of the Order. The return of the Gift Certificate is made only in the presence of the original cash receipt confirming its purchase.
The buyer (individual) pays for the order in any way selected in the online store.
When placing an Order for a legal entity, payment is made by bank transfer according to the invoice for payment. After the receipt of funds to the account of the Seller, the manager of the online store agrees with the Buyer on the delivery time.
When prepaid for the Goods, the Order is accepted for processing after the receipt of funds to the Seller's settlement account. At the same time, the Goods under the Order are not reserved, and the Seller cannot guarantee the availability of the Goods in the Seller's warehouse at the time of placing the Order, as a result, the Order processing time may increase.
Goods are released to the owners of Gift Certificates on the basis of: one Gift Certificate is equal to its face value indicated in the certificateIn the event that the cost of the purchased Goods exceeds the cost of the certificates, the purchaser of the goods makes an additional payment of the difference, if the cost of the goods is less than the amount of the certificate / commodities, then the difference to the bearer of the certificates is not refunded.
The online store does not return goods of good quality or exchange them for money if the purchased goods were opened and used, and also did not suit you for any reason.
A prerequisite for the return or exchange of goods is the preservation of its presentation, consumer properties, seals or labels, sales or cash receipts or other documents issued to the consumer by the seller along with the sold goods.
The buyer, within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods specified in the consignment note, may refuse goods of good quality if:
the goods were not in use, their presentation, consumer properties, seals, labels, as well as a document confirming the fact of purchase of the goods were preserved;
the goods are not included in the list of goods not subject to return and exchange established The legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Claims to the quality of the purchased goods that arose after receipt and payment for the goods are considered in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Protection of Consumer Rights".
Return of goods of good quality from legal entities is accompanied by a return invoice.
Refunds are made by postal order or transfer of the appropriate amount to the Buyer's bank account.
The parties are responsible in accordance with the Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The seller is not responsible for damage caused to the buyer due to improper use of the goods purchased in the online store.
The parties are released from liability for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations under this agreement for the duration of force majeure, namely: fires, natural disasters, war, prohibition or restriction of activities by state bodies, issuance by state bodies of relevant legislative and other acts that directly impede the execution actual agreement.
The legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan shall apply to the relationship between the buyer and the seller.
All disputes and disagreements arising from the fulfillment by the parties of their obligations under this agreement shall be resolved through negotiations. if it is impossible to eliminate them, the parties have the right to apply for judicial protection of their interests in accordance with the Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the location of the seller.
The Seller reserves the right at any time at its own discretion without prior notice to change the data on the goods, services provided, any information posted on the website of the online store, as well as this agreement.